Take your efficiency UP: From machining your part to one-source management of castings and raw material, machining, finishing and assembly – U.P. Machine has been a leader in supply chain efficiency since 1963. Learn more about our turn-key capability to provide secondary processes here.

Take your productivity UP: With the most advanced software available driving high-tech multi-axis CNC machines , U.P. Machine offers the best possible combination of quality and turnaround for low- to mid-volume runs. Learn more about our capabilities here.

Take your quality UP: Our CNC operators average 20+ years’ experience. And their work is carefully monitored by the most sophisticated CMM equipment and software available. That’s made U.P. Machine a leader in some of the most precise and demanding industries. Learn more about our quality control process here.

Take your reliability UP: We know “when” and “where” are as important as “how close” and “how good.” So U.P. Machine makes weekly deliveries to our Upper Michigan and Northern Wisconsin customers. And we’re capable of doing the same just about anywhere in the Midwest.

With more than four decades of reliability, quality and precision, it’s easy to see why there’s nowhere to go but UP. To learn more about U.P. Machine, see our company profile, or contact us to arrange an opportunity to talk about your specific needs.